Sonel LKN-720 Transmitter


Sonel LKN-720 Transmitter

Sonel LKN-720 Transmitter
EAN 5907624005679

Ingress protection: IP 40
Measurement category: CAT III 300 V


Special features

  • 4 codes of the transmitted signal.
  • Transmission of information about the transmitter settings and battery charge level.
  • Measurement of voltage at the object to 500 V RMS.
  • Three levels of amplification.
  • Automatic or manual selection of operation modes.
  • Screen backlight for work in dark.


Locating power points and switches in buildings

Specially modulated and coded signal generated by the LKN-720 transmitter allows to locate and identify sockets and switches in energized and de-energized circuits.

Technical Data

Parameter Description
Insulation type acc. to EN 61010-1 double
Measurement category acc. to EN 61010-1 III 600 V
Ingress protection rating acc. to EN 60529 IP67
Power supply 4 x AA alkaline batteries
or 4 x Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Maximum operating voltage 500 V RMS
Operating temperature -10°C...+50°C | 14°F...122°F

Parameter Value
Net weight (kg) 0.7
Package weight (kg) 1.4
Package width (cm) 29
Package height (cm) 18
Package length (cm) 29

Fits Into

This product fits:

LKN-720 KIT Transmitter (3 pcs.) NO. CAT. WMGBLKN720KIT
LKZ-720 KIT Wire Tracer - set for 4-transmitter operation  NO. CAT. WMGBLKZ720KIT
LKZ-720 Wire Tracer NO. CAT. WMGBLKZ720


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